Why to avoid heating baby’s milk in microwave

Microware, this is really very convenient device invented in cooking arena. Sometime you get instant food out of it. In today’s modern life we are really getting habit of using many of such convenient devices with latest technologies. To save time some parents use microwave to warm their baby’s milk. In this post we will see some of disadvantages of using microwave to warm your baby’s milk.

Never use microwave to warm your baby’s milk


Never use microwave to warm your baby milk

Reasons to avoid microwave to warm your baby’s milk

Apart from one advantage (ie. convenience) you get by using microwave for warming your baby’s milk, these are several reasons available which will make you think twice while using microwave.

Microwave heats food at uneven temperature

Microwave heats food at uneven temperature (basically from the inside out). You might have observed that, sometimes you find part of your food is (surface) too hot, and some part (inner part) is less hot. If you put your baby’s milk bottle in microware then you might find milk bottle warm once it is out but you cannot guarantee same temperature of milk inside.

Overheating could mix some chemicals in your baby’s milk

If your baby’s bottle is not manufactured as per standards then it might give you some troubles. Once bottle inside microwave gets more heat then it could give below problems. • You might find baby’s bottle is melting as it is made up of plastic. • Chemicals which are used to manufacture milk bottle can easily mix with your baby’s milk. • The nipples can become warn and pose as potential choking hazards.

Why you should not use microwave to warm breast milk

If you are using microwave to warm breast milk then you are losing some vital nutrition’s of that milk. Your breast milk will be not healthy and nutritious for your child any more then. – Microwaving breast milk can change the milk’s composition. – Heating breast milk in microwave can anti-infective properties of breast milk. – Proteins and other nutrients of breast milk will be broken down by the high temperature inside microwave.

What is ideal way of warming baby’s Milk

There are different ways which you can follow to warm your baby’s milk.

What is ideal way of warming baby's Milk

  • You can warm milk bottle under warm running water.
  • You can put milk bottle in warm water bowl for some time.
  • Electronic baby bottle warmers are safe to use, but you have to follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Ideally you should choose a warmer that gives an alarm when the right temperature is reached and then automatically switches off. Remove the bottle from the warmer and feed your baby within two hours.
  • You can heat milk on LPG/Electric gas and keep it in bowl for a while. Once it reached to ideal temperature, steer it well and give it to your baby.

How to make sure baby’s milk is not too hot for him

If baby gets hot milk to drink then she might get nasty injuries to her mouth, Always make sure to follow these checks before giving milk bottle to your baby of any age.

  • Make sure you shake bottle so that all milk will have same temperature.

How to make sure baby's milk is not too hot for him

  • Temperature of bottle and temperature of milk inside could vary. You can test milks temperature by dropping few drops onto your wrist. This will give you idea about exact temperature of milk. If you feel the milk temperature is comfortably warm you can give bottle to your baby to drink milk.

Still Tempt to use microwave for warming baby’s milk

Ideally you should not be using microwave to warm your baby’s milk. Still if you are addict of using microwave then heat the bottle for only a few seconds so that it will be slightly warm. Before giving milk bottle to baby make sure you shake it well to distribute same temperature to all milk. we still prefer not to use microwave for warming baby’s milk.

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