How Nutrition affects child’s brain development

Brain development is very crucial part of child development. From birth to two years is the period when we need to be more cautious as this is period when child’s brain goes through lot of changes towards its development.

In this post we will show you how nutritious diet plays very important role in child’s brain development and what are drawbacks or disadvantages on unplanned diet for children.

Disadvantages of non nutritional food for children’s brain development

The child who does not have proper food habits or diet, they do not adequately grow either physically or mentally. Below are some possible disadvantages of not having nutritious diet.

disadvantages of non nutritional food for children lower IQ

  • Child’s brain size is smaller than normal because of less growth and myelin
  • Child may have lower production of glia. Glia supports cells in the brain which continue to form after birth and responsible for producing myelin.
  • These children can have problems like slower language and fine motor development, lower IQ, and poor performance in school.

Child’s brain development depends on nutrition’s intake during pregnancy

  • Baby’s birth weight and its brain size always depend on quality of mother’s nutrition during her pregnancy.
  • When baby is in womb pregnant woman should gain at least twenty percentage of her pre-pregnancy weight. (Example – If pre-pregnancy weight is 50 KG then approximate weight in pregnancy should be 60 KG). This will make sure normal fetal growth.
  • Mother should have extra protein diet and more calories in those nine months. You can consult your doctor to find details about your healthy nutrition’s intake like sufficient amount of protein and calories your body needs in pregnancy.

Nutritional need for brain development after Birth till six months

Once baby is out of womb then brain growth depends on the quality of a child’s nutrition. The source of that nutrition is again from his mother (Breast Milk).

breast feeding best natural source of nutritions helps in brain development

Breast milk is key for brain development in child


Breast milk offers the best mix of nutrients for promoting a brain growth. Breast milk is best natural source of nutrition. Nutritions received from breast milk is always a key in brain development stages.

Iron helps in child’s brain development

Iron is most important factor which you need to think in this period till six months of age. Iron is useful for maintaining sufficient number of oxygen carrying red blood cells. This is always useful sign for brain growth.

Make sure to eat food containing Iron. In case your diet is not fulfilling your iron need then consult your pediatrician for any iron supplements you should start.

Nutritional need for brain development from 6 months to age two years

  • This period child’s body is going through rapid pace of myelination. This is the period where we need to take more care about fulfilling child’s diet needs. At this point of time child need a high level of fat in their diets.
  • They will receive most of the fat and calories from the breast milk till his first birthday. Breast milk is excellent resource of mixed nutrition for the child.

How to fulfill fat needs for child’s brain development

  • Breast milk is best source for fat. It is depends on mother and her body functions how long baby could continue having milk with richest nutrition.
  • After one year child’s digestive system is strong enough to digest whole cow’s milk. We can introduce this new natural diet to fulfill child’s fat and protein needs. Cow milk is also excellent source of nutrition but not as good as breast milk.

Nutritional need for brain development after two years of age

After two years we need to continue fulfilling child’s need of fat, protein and calories. We can use low fat cow milk as a diet for child above two years.

how nutritions effects child’s brain development

To summarize all, Nutrition’s plays really vital role in child’s brain development. As parents we need to work on one task fulfilling all diet needs of our child for healthy brain.

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