CBSE vs ICSE – What Is Best

In India people give higher importance to education. Parents always try to give best to their child in terms of education. There is always confusion for parents to choose between CBSE and ICSE. Very few know what are the difference between them and their education patterns? advantages and disadvantages of their education pattern. We have given some details about both education patterns to make you easier to select right pattern for your child.

CBSE vs ICSE what is best for your child

Difference between CBSE & ICSE


Full form CBSE – ICSE
CBSE – Central Board Of Secondary Education
ICSE- Indian Certificate of Secondary Education

advantages of CBSE pattern

Advantages of CBSE

CBSE is more popular in India as compare to ICSE

CBSE being older more schools follows CBSE pattern syllabus and education methods. That is why CBSE pattern is more popular. This will help you to find a school for your kid in case you are switching to new city in India. If you want to travel abroad then you will find more CBSE pattern schools outside India than ICSE schools. CBSE is recognized by Indian government and ICSE is not. Popularity of ICSE is growing day by day though.

  • CBSE is recommended for parents who have to move in different cities in India as part of their job profile. CBSE has more schools in India their children will not face any issue while switching schools.
  • ICSE is recommended for parents who have to move in different countries as part of their job. ICSE is more compatible to the world as compare to CBSE. ICSE child will face less difficulty which changing his school internationally.
CBSE has less syllabus compare to ICSE

CBSE has less syllabus volume as compare to ICSE

Some students may find ICSE syllabus vast as ICSE have more syllabus and subjects. Sixth grade ICSE student will face 12-13 subject examinations while CBSE student will face on 5-6 subject examinations.

CBSE board helps more in engineering and medical field

CBSE is more focuses on maths and science. This helps students for engineering and medical entrance exams. Prior CBSE experience will be always helpful for students doing their medical and engineering.

CBSE has more Scholarships and talent search exams

ICSE being newer has got less numbers of scholarship exams. CBSE has lot of talent search examinations for the students. All major competitive examination in India are based on the CBSE syllabus. (IIT-JEE – Indian Institute Of Technology Joint Entrance Examination, AIEEE – All India Engineering Entrance Examination, AIPMT – All India Pre Medical Test).

advantages of ICSE pattern

Advantages of ICSE

ICSE has more balanced Syllabus for child’s overall growth

CBSE syllabus is easier as compare to ICSE. CBSE syllabus is focus more on Science and Maths. On the other hand syllabus followed by the ICSE board is more comprehensive and complete, which gives all fields with equal importance. (like – science, maths, language, arts, home science, agriculture, fashion design,cookery). By choosing ICSE you are giving opportunity for your child to work on his overall growth.

ICSE prefers to give more practical knowledge and teach better analytical skills

Compare to CBSE, ICSE is more towards giving practical knowledge to the students. They taught their syllabus theoretical a well as practical. This gives students effective understanding of subject and learn better analytical skills.

In ICSE student has more Subjects Flexibility

ICSE is having advantage here. Students in ICSE can choose different subjects. They could select vocational courses as per their interest. In CBSE students have to follow more pure academic subjects.

ICSE prefers more student Assessments

In ICSE (internal) assessments are very important. More practical tests are conducted with all the subjects and scores. ICSE gives more preference to lab work it is more practical oriented.

ICSE board helps more on management carriers

The way ICSE syllabus, its subjects and teaching methodology is designed it will be more helpful for students who wants to pursue their carriers in management streams.

ICSE certificate will be recognised around the world

Certificate given by ICSE to the students will be recognized more around the world as compare to CBSE. Overall syllabus (like languages) of ICSE will give slight upper hand in english to their students. This will help them some exams which are based on english.

CBSE & ICSE common points

Common factors between CBSE and ICSE

  • CBSE and ICSE both recognised by colleges in India.
  • Subjects taught in ICSE and CBSE are almost same.
  • Quality of education provided by both boards is excellent.

CBSE and ICSE both follows learn through experience teaching method

CBSE & ICSE both education patterns follows way of learning through experience. To follow methods defined in respective pattern is always depend on school and teacher.This can be vary from school to school.

What parents should do

Both these boards CBSE and ICSE have their own advantages and disadvantages. Parents have to choose the board for their children based up on what future you aspires for your child.

Parents always have concern with quality of education. You should identify the best school for your child who will give him quality education. Which means for you selecting right school should be on priority instead of selecting right board for your child.

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Dear Parents,

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  1. Really nice …..its such big decision of life

  2. LIke the blog ,….
    it’s a quite confusing decision while choosing from pre-schools only :)

  3. Good Information……
    While taking a decision, the first thing we should take into account is the caliber of the child. If we do not want the child to get too much stressed, then CBSE is better. If your child shows some kind of extra ordinary skills in learning or presentation since childhood, then I feel, definitely ICSE is a better choice.

    • Thanks for the comment Rajini.

      Correct, It depends on child only if he or she is capable of CBSE or ICSE.

      • Very well put / said – Child is gift from God. God has given us an opportunity to take care of one soul. We have to work hard to make that soul healthy, happy and strong.

        Though i’m yet to be a parent, the objective / vision / mission that is to be deciphered from the above statement is something every parent must realise.

        You guys doing a FAB job,


      • thanks to this information, i have 1 doubt,My kid will be 2 yrs one this right age to start icse syllabus

      • I think that CBSE doesn’t actually contribute to the child’s learning until 6th standard where they’re overwhelmed with homework. They’re also not used to homework so far, which contributes to poor study habits.

        • Well your fact depends upon schools..not the boards
          And in icse the syllabus is too lenghy in language and literature, for which many students loose their intrests in these subjects.

    • Hi Rajini,
      Thanks for your info.But still m in confusion since i have to take a decision for my Kid.Because I can suggest to any others saying which is good and not good when it has come my Kid am unable to take a decision.same like Doctors.Ex:-A doctor can do operation what ever the patient except his son or daughter/ please suggest me whether i should join my kid for CBSE or ICEI my son is studying LKG in CBSE School.but am interested to join him for ICSE ans he is not so interest on Studies.but i wanted to give a very good education to my kid.

      waiting for your reply on this pls.


    • well said Rajini Ji.

  4. Here I have got experience as well as about CBSE & ICSE.
    It’s make easy to take better disesson for our child’s…ll
    Regards: S M ARIF

  5. Hi,

    What Mrs. Rajini said, i agree with her. because selecting CBSE or ICSE syllabus is totally depends on the students activities. so better to understand your child first then selecting the Syllabuses is better always.


  6. hai, so many days onwords i have confusion about both syllabus. which is better depends their child. now i will take good decision for daughter . thankyou

  7. Very useful info..Thanks

  8. great info.. very helpful.. thanks a lot..
    I would also like to know if icse schools in general are also for greater duration and more taxing..
    it will be nice if you let me know.. thanks.

  9. Hi,
    I am still confused which board should I go for my child in future. As my child is in class 7th with ICSE BOARD . Even he secured almost 96% marks in previous class.
    Since for his carrier we are interested for IIT level competition and always I have come to know that CBSE is better for such exams.
    I am really confused what to do….CBSE or ICSE……I am just confused.

    • Hi Prakash,

      Thanks for your comment.

      If your child aspiring to be in IIT, then yes CBSE could have right choice for you. But this is not the end of the world.

      CBSE gives slight advantage for medical and technical field but this does not mean ISCE does not cover any of those areas. Even from ICSE your kid can reach to his destiny.

      Good Luck :)

  10. Hi2 all. I think it s btter to choose ICSE. Bcz nw days they every child s very smart.

  11. Thanks for the information it really cleared all the doubts about the two board

  12. Hi All. First, many thanks for the for providing such useful information(with comments).
    My child studying 5th CBSE, which is good. I hope either CBSE/ICSE, depends on child ability parent may opt.
    But in my view, now a days every student have beautiful knowledge. I hope Schools must recruit the Best Skill based Faculty from the relevant subject’s. This makes easier to the student to learn and implement in proper way.

  13. Thanks for sharing this information. It really helps understanding advantage/disadvantage between both boards.

  14. Thanks for the information, it was very helpful

  15. Dear all,

    Thanks to all for sharing your ideas and suggestions. still i have some doubts which i hope some can clear me better.

    My son is in grade 3 CBSE at delhi, i am planimg to move them to OMAN next year. Is that a right decision to put him in ICSE stream.

    He is good in academic but my wife can teach him at home and my work never allows me to sit with him to guide or help him doing his Home works.

    Is tution is mandatory or not equired for ICSE . Kindly help me out .


    • Hi Senthil,

      Thanks For Your Comment.

      CBSE and ICSE both have their international presence. Its all depend on kid how he will gel himself with new studies and new studying techniques in OMAN.

      Your wife’s Role will be crucial in your case, as she can give more time to learn changes in study patterns. She can understand the changes and help your kid to learn them.

      She can make his job more simpler.

      For just one year i will advice not to go for ICSE unless CBSE pattern is not recognized in OMAN.


  16. Thanks For this information, Actually my Child is going on ICSE, but i don’t know different between CBSC-ICSE
    now i know clearly,


  17. Thanks for the information, Done a great job.

  18. Hello All,

    My daughter will be going in 7 th grade this september in USA. We are planning to move to India for good in August 2013. We will be goign to Aundh, Pune. She is academically very good. But since this is middle of the school year in India which school do you recommand? Do you think she will get admitted to CBSE to ICSE schools as it’s already late? Also, is IB school good option for her?

    Do you recommand any good schools? Please help as this was a quick decision we had to make due to our old parents in India.

    Thank you for help

    • If you want education pattern which could be more close to pattern which matched international standards.

      IB will help you more. Another option is ICSE. :)

      • Thank you for you reply Nitu. I am not very excited for IB as she is gifted and advanced student. But I am not sure how advanced comparing to equal grade student from India. Can I please ask how did you suggest ICSE board? Is ICSE easy than CBSE? The article says it other way? Please help. Your comments and input will be really helpful to me.


        • Hi Arman,

          IB and ICSE are close to international pattern, that is why i suggested you the same. These options will suite your child. She will not have more difficulties to match the study pattern.


  19. Really you have done a great job and actually solved my problem to a great extant.Here you have helped not only a father rather A Grandfather of a very beloved and promising grand son about whom very much concerned.Till now i was confused and undecisive.Now after going through your website i can take a right decision and have fruitful deliberations with my son about the future of my grandson. THANKS A LOT.

  20. hi this info is really good but how can anyone decide abt their child at age of 5-6 that they are going to become doctors or enginers.its very difficult to know childs interest at this help me to decide board.thanx

    • Child’s interest we can not identify in their small age, so you have to decide what you aspires for your child.

      What parents should do?

      Both these boards CBSE and ICSE have their own advantages and disadvantages. Parents have to choose the board for their children based up on what future you aspires for your child.

      Parents always have concern with quality of education. You should identify the best school for your child who will give him quality education. Which means for you selecting right school should be on priority instead of selecting right board for your child.

  21. just a small mistake is made in the article : that isce is newer then cbse.
    REALITY– ICSE came in 1941 by William Smith for his british school in India while CBSE came in 1958.

  22. Very descriptive and rarely found piece of information. Thanks a ton.

  23. Very nice information.Thanks lot

  24. I think ICSE is always better than CBSE. It is my personal experience.

  25. ICSE is always better than CBSE. It is my personal experience.

  26. Hi,
    My daughter is in grade 4th,CBSE, which is good. She shows some extraordinary skills in learning n wants to become a doctor. Please suggest me which board is better for her — CBSE or ICSE.

  27. Hi,

    My kid will be 2 yrs old in September 2013. I am considering Matri Kiram School for my kid as it provides pre-nursary program also. Any reviews or recommendations for Matri Kiram? As this is a new school, I could not find any reviews on the same?

  28. Thanks for providing valuable information about CBSE and ICSE pattern .My son going on study in CBSC pattern nursery class now , but i thinks ICSE is better solution its always touch with world. Therefore , i m trying to join ICSE in next time.

  29. If CBSE is easier syllabus wise than ICSE , won’t you get better marks ( % wise ) in CBSE than ICSE ?

    Won’t that help you secure admission more easily in Junior college i.e after grade 10 ?

    Marks and % are unfortunately so important in India.

    Do the Junior colleges take into consideration the difficulty of the ICSE syllabus , when considering the admission ?

    Will they consider a 90 % ICSE grade 10 student and 90 % CBSE grade 10student the same or different , when giving admission in junior college ?

    • Your view is correct, but it is depend on way you think. Overall improvement in child is also a good thing.

      Both boards are having their pros and cons, it is depend on individual which board they will give preference to.

  30. Hi,

    My son is in grade 8 of ICSE pattern. Some of my view points are given below.

    1. Keeping in view the campus interviews at higher levels, CBSE is always given more weitage. (Reason not known)
    2. For a student with low calibre, ICSE is not at all advisible. The voluminous syllabus is virtually killing.
    3. The standard of topics even at lower grades are very tough for an average child to visualize and digest in ICSE
    4. A lot depends on the quality of coaching imparted at the schools. If teachers are not well qualified and there is no support
    at home, then your kid’s position would be very pathentic.
    5. if your kid has good IQ and able to visualize things and has better grasping power, then ICSE is for you.
    6. Above all pl keep in mind the Market value of CBSE and ICSE. From my experience I feel CBSE has edge over ICSE.
    7. As my son does not want to change his shcool, due to environment and friends, i am not in a position to change him to
    8. All the above points are purely my personal view points.

    Thanks to this web site for giving so much useful information, so that parents can make informed decissions.

    • Thanks Premakumar for sharing your personal experience here in this platform.

      Your views will give more details about these two boards to the parents and it will be more helpful for them to choose right board for their child.

  31. Parents always get worried when the thing is about their education. Parents mostly get confused in choosing among CBSE and ICSE boards. But CBSE is the most popular in India and providing good syllabus for the students. Thanks for sharing difference between CBSE & ICSE. Your information will be very helpful for those who want to chose best education option.

  32. My son is studying in ICSE 7th standard. This school has only upto 10th Std. I am planning to move him to CBSE. Should I move him in 8th Standard or 11th Standard? When will it be easy for him to change?

    • Hi mam I am still confused ,my son is studying in 5th std IB syllabus and my daughter in 2nd std as we are planning to shift in chennai .they are good in academic ,please suggest us the good syllabus cbse or icse and some good schools thank you .

      • I am not aware of any schools in chennai. If any of the visitor wants to help Mugilan then please feel free to advice.

        Select board as per your choice, i have tried to put all points about CBSE and ICSE go through it. Compare you kids, check pros and cons and take your decision.



  34. Thank you ‘’ for the information. I was just confusing about the diff btwn CBSE & ICSE. Now i am clear..welll explained.

  35. I am very thankfull, for that, i have clear difference between CBSE &icse board

  36. Thanks for your valuablae information.
    My daughter is 3.5 yr old, she is in nursery now. Can u please suggest for Good CBSC schools in Andheri East, Mumbai for her admission in Jr. KG.

  37. I was searching for the information which is provided by you is really helpful and clear. Thanks Lot

  38. From where, i can get ICSE BOARD syllabus for Grade 4 ?.
    Please suggest.

  39. My son is in 8th std. ICSE. The teaching in his school is not that good but not with all the subjects.
    sometimes he studies on his own and getting good percentage. My worry is if it continues even in 10th will he be able to study on his own.

    • Hi Sunu,

      Thanks for the comment.

      He should be continue doing self study, you have to encourage him. If in this age he is getting good mark with self learning then it is the best thing for his future.

  40. dear mam,
    i m father of 2 n half year girl..presently she is going to play group (tree house).
    mam i m vry much confused about her nursery admission coz me n my wife unable to come to conclusion abt whethr i take admission for her in cbse or icse?
    she is very mch active .her grasping power is very good according to her teachers. teachers says us like she always
    eager to do activities .she loves to dance n sing. she makes her own poetry in english and gujarati by adding some other unexpected words or line and that becomes realy a good understable innovation…
    she likes to go to school.she likes to work like her mom at home. she love pen n paper and makes unknown figures..
    and in play group she colors every sketch as a sample shown in book or by teacher
    she know A TO z , 1 to 20 ,7 to 8 poems in english hindi and gujarati…speaks almost everything..
    so mam can u plz help me to take right decission

    • ICSE will be good option for such active kids. You should go for best ICSE option close to your home.

      • Hi,

        I wanted to know whether Ashok Academy in andheri west is a good School as I am planning to take admission for my daughter who is 2 year old.
        Also suggest about bhakti vedanta Swami mission school.
        Also let me know about AVM, Juhu.
        Which is the best school to go for.

        • I am not aware of the schools which you have mentioned, but i can suggest something. Take out some time, Visit these schools, talk to teachers and students from these schools. Ask them questions Where you feel most satisfy, you can choose that school.

  41. Hi,

    Atlease my doubts about ICSE/CBSE is clear now…But what you would say about a state board and convent schools ? They have no more importance now a days as compare to this boards ? Students of convent schools and state board will find a difficulty in their future ahead after schooling ? like in getting admission in any stream ?

    My Son is 2.3 yrs old and is in Play Group now. He is operating my Laptop & Windows phone as far as his areas are concern, like he can open & close games he want, plays music & videos of his choice, operates drawing applications where he draws things which he learns in play group, erases it, puts pictures of his choise, record and play his own voice etc…

    I am in Mumbai now and not going to shift anywhere.

    Please guide…

    • Every board has its importance.

      We need to move along with time. In old days convent schools were at top. Now time is changing. We should be with time. All boards have their own set of rules and methods to teach kids.

      At the end its all depends on child, the environment he is getting and how he is grasping the knowledge from the surroundings.

  42. Hello! I am in 10th std. ICSE..I am willing to take Maths in 11th… Can u pls tell board is better for studying maths..???
    My colleagues prefer CBSE for studying maths but some of them says to remain in icse…..I am totally confused!!!!!
    I wanted just a best for IIT and other competitive exams….

  43. Hi,
    We are new to bangalore and identifies some of the schools However I am very confused on ‘which school to choose’.
    cod u please help in finding good school for two (very) active kids….
    - chinmaya vidalaya (ICSE from state board) koramangala
    - geethanjali olympiad (CBSE)
    - Gyan sristi (ICSE)
    - ravindra bharti (CBSE)

    and how courses are tought in ICSE schools which are recently moved from state board.

    • I am not aware of the schools which you have mentioned, but i can suggest something. Take out some time, Visit these schools, talk to teachers and students from these schools. Ask them questions Where you feel most satisfy, you can choose that school.

      ICSE has more subjects, more activities etc.

      It is tough for child of state board to get used to ICSE pattern, but you can help your child to achive it. It is difficult but achievable.

  44. I am really thankful for such a vivid description of both the Boards.

    Is it a good idea that aroung 5th / 6th Standard the children should adopt ICSE for a couple of years and than move back to CBSE for apperaing in the Competitive Exams.

    Will it help the Kid ? This is my question.

    Naren Rathee

    • Though its true that CBSE is good for appearing in the Competitive Exams, it will be very harsh on children’s to switch their board just due to this reason.

      ICSE students can perform great in the Competitive Exams.

      So i suggest not to switch boards, children are enough flexible to prepare and perform nicely for these exams in any board.

  45. hi . we are staying in singapore and relocating to India in october. my son is studying her in class1 in Cbse (i) school here. since its almost mid session its very difficult to get admission in India especially in CBSE school. We are getting admission in ICSE board school. but after reading your article really getting confused whether to put him in ICSE board school. We may be again relocating to another country in the next academic session. he is a very sharp student and grasps concepts very fast. please advice

    • Hi Suja,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Your child can continue with ICSE, both boards have presence outside India. ICSE pattern is more close to international teaching pattern so it is good if your child is in ICSE.

  46. Hi,

    Your informational is very helpful.
    Could you please suggest me good school in Hyderabad.

  47. Thanks for highlighting detailed differences.

  48. Dear
    happy parents
    firstly my question is, my son is 3.5 years old i finalized to admit with icse because he a multitalented very active and social . am i taken a correct decison.
    secondly my question is another my elder son is studing in 10 std with cbse patern and im thinking him to admit to icse due to no school of cbse in the place where i got job tell me it will be convinient for him for his puc there is no opt me apart from icse. his vision is to be an engg any one tel me somthing to do good with my boys waiting 4 ur reply.
    thank you

  49. Very useful information for before sending child in school.

  50. My daughter is currently studying in KIDZEE sr KG i need to take a deceision to admit her in CBSC or ICSE eighter , after reading all these article confusion is still not clear , i m a business man living in mumbai will appreciate advise from parents of CBSC my first preference is CBSE , would like to know how does it actually differs from ICSE when time comes to take admission in engineering or medical colleges…


    Rubel Mazumder

  51. This is an eye opener to every parent, I’m really touched by this comment below

    Child is gift from God. God has given us an opportunity to take care of one soul. We have to work hard to make that soul healthy, happy and strong. Our latest tips and guidelines will make your parenting experience Simple, Safe and Joyful. We wish you Happy Parenthood

    I think no matter which board they choose at the end of the day it depends on the Kids and as a parent we need to provide opportunity to prevail. The symptoms can be visible only by the parents and the child needs to be encouraged in those area of interest rather than peer or social pressure

  52. you can consider below points while choosing the school
    1) Good School ( board does not matter ssc or cbse or ICSE)
    2) near to home

  53. hi.
    my son is currently studying in plyway (pre-nursery) & i m so much confused about further study mean which board is best for him. here is only school in our area that is affiliated to we dont have any other choice b’case cbse pattern schools are so far from our location. so pls help me will icse board be best for my son.

  54. You guys have done a awesome job. You have helped me take a much easier and simpler decision. It seemed so confusing initially but now I feel I have a much clear vision as to which one would be better for my son.

  55. Hi,
    This information is very good . We are coming from US to India,, my kids are 10 and 8 years old. My kids studied in US till now, they did not study in India at all. What do you suggest ICSE or CBSE. They both are in “gifted and talented ” here in US.

  56. HI… thanks “Happyparenthood”…

    Its been very informative article & comments by many parents…

    To be frank, many are still confused, because, we have to take decision when the child is still 2 or 3 years..

    Tough to take any call… I think, as parents we should only look for good school, as rightly mentioned in article.

    But, in my personal opinion, now a days Education is more of a business…

    So we should not forget the core purpose of education……. as Swami Vevekananda said,

    “Real education is that which enables one to stand on one’s own legs”

    So as parent my only focus is to provide decent education in good school, with more focus on values, ethics & common sense..which is more of parent job …along with schools…

  57. Sorry one more addition…..

    In near future, we will have many doctors, engineers , managers…. but lets try to build this earth with real Humans..

    Just thought of sharing to all….

    RETHINK !!

  58. my daughter studied upto X in ICSE with science stream. XI and XII in ICSE she is pursuing in ARTS. what other options are available during degree level for her and which are best institutions in Bangalore for her to complete degree course.
    She has not made up her mind to study what she needs. But, says she will do teaching job, journalist. How to assess her and put up in a career oriented degree course. Can any one advise me.

  59. Hi,

    Good information


  60. Hello to happy parenthood! Thank u for giving us lots of information. My kid is doing 5th std in CBSE, where every now and then there will be exams, assignments, projects, seminar, etc.inspite they are in CCE patern of exams. 4 formative exams and two summative assessments are the main exams but the time given for preparation is very less. Because the school strength is too heavy, and students are more in a class (arnd 42) and the sections in each class goes up to L. Still my kid gets good mark because of my 100% attention, and my worry is she is very good in reading and writing exams, but i’m not sure whether the content she has studied has gone to her mind or not. This is happening in almost all the schools. The kids are simply studying and not learning and this is really unfortunate. Unless the present system of education changes we cannot expect much scientists or any form of real achievers from INDIA. we are not able to challenge for no.1 position in sports or anything achievements, though we stand no.2 in population. Kids are not morally trained. they are not taught to respect elders, respect the society, love our contry, environment, vegetation etc. Its not their mistake and its in the responsibility of parents and schools. So as you said we can put our child in any pattern of education as per the capacity of the kid, but respecting the country and our values is very important.

  61. Thank you all …..

    I would suggest you to recommend the school names also with location so that will be very much easy for the parents who are continuously busy in there regular routine….


  63. Hello,
    Thanks for such a good information.My son is now 4 n half years old, we r in Germany now.
    Planning to come India next year please suggest some good schools in thane for CBSC .

  64. Hi !

    my son is 3.5years old now it is a very big question for me to put my child into which Syllabuses CBSC OR ICSE.
    please suggest.

    I am very confused

  65. I totally agree that a good school matters at the end of the day.

  66. I personally feel that in ICSE will offer a more balanced schooling and overall development of the child. CBSE is definitely more competitive. But it doens’t mean that in ICSE the child will not have a competitive edge.

    ICSE is more practical oriented and has more choice of subjects to choose as a career. Who know what is in store over the next 10-15 years. We are already seeing a flood of engineers in the market and many engineering seats already going vacant. Plus I would definitely want my child to have a global vision and have a wide choice of subjects to choose a career in.

    15-20 years down the line, Environmental Sciences, Political Science might be a good career option.

    I am confused between ICSE and CIE, which is better and how will this help my child in the long run?

  67. Is city international school Mumbai good one

  68. Is city international school Mumbai good one

  69. I like above inforamation. My baby’s birthdate is 11th jan 2012. i am very confuse for taking admission in which class for him nursery or playgroup for june ’2014. Some people says that take admission for nursery and some says take admission for playgroup. Please give me your suggession.

  70. Thanks for sharing this info. Great Job !
    I am a father 3.5 yr son. What I feel is….apart from the board you opt for your child…as a parent your role is very critical and important.

    At this stage I dont know if my child would like to become a doctor, engg, sportsperson, musician, IPS IAS etc….but I would like him to become a good human being above all…..

    Happy Parenthood and God bless your child !

  71. Hi,

    We have been in US for past 9 Years and my daughter who is 10Yr old is in 4thj grade now.We are planning to move to India but I ma not sure which board will be easier for her (CBSE/ ICSE) Considering the language pressure and also offered as second and third subject in school. My daughter is a gifted student but yet I am concerned as she has never spoken/ written either hindi / marthi/ sanskriti or French.

    Can you please suggest which is an easy board CBSE OR ICSE which will help her in easy transition in school.

  72. hi,my name is mrs jafri my son is 5 yr this here he got admission in international school which is newly opened in my area called ORCHID INTERNATIONAL when i supposed to have an admission at that time school guide us that this is a icse school but after giving heavy amount of fees and now the school declared it as a cbse in board although it will b igse board after seventh..which would having the doble the fees can u suggest now what should i do though i had already paid the intially amount and half yearly fees.i m totally worried and confused

  73. Thanks for the very valuable input about both the boards in a very precise manner. Will help to take a correct decision.

  74. Am staying in chennai and my daughter is 5 years old. She is going to CSI Ewarts school as of now. This school is 100 years old and the teaching is really good but the board is samacheer. Do you think it is good to continue in the same school or to switch boards?

  75. Am staying in chennai and my daughter is 5 years old. She is going to CSI Ewarts school as of now. This school is 100 years old and the teaching is really good but the board is samacheer. Do you think it is good to continue in the same school or can we move her to a different board?

  76. Yap……..
    It is very usfull informations about CBSE AND ICSE,
    Thanks a lot,,

  77. Dear All,

    Thanks for this portal and all the concerned parents for sharing valuable information for other parents… great work….

    I am a father of 3 year old child and willing to give education to my kid which make her confident and allow her to identify / pursue field which she loves/interested most. Currently it will be difficult to know real talent of the child hence relying on school and ourself to help child.

    So I want a curriculum which is supportive to know real strength of child. I am least bother about competitive exams, IIT, IIMS etc., because they are not barometer of world citizen(personal opinion and other’s may have difference, I respect that). I will be happy if my kid become fashion designer or sport person or doctor or a school teacher. Any of her field of choice she should be in position to produce her best. What is your suggestion , can ICSE fulfill my expectation or CBSE.

    Thanks in advance.

  78. What should be proper age required to get admitted to grade 1 in CBSE and ICSE board’s school ?

  79. Hi Thanks for the information.

    Can you put some light how to understand 2 year old caliber for the board…secondly what shud be the parameters to check the school, bcoz 10 class result dont think is sufficient to decide on school as for starters 10 class is far beyond.

    kindly suggest…


  80. Hi Thanks for the information.

    Can you put some light how to understand 2 year old caliber for the board…secondly what shud be the parameters to check the school, bcoz 10 class result dont think is sufficient to decide on school as for starters 10 class is far beyond.

    kindly suggest…


  81. Hi,
    My daughter is 3 years and 9 months old.We stay in Hyderabad. She is studying in a nearby school in Nursery class.
    The school management follows a syllabus of their own. They are making these tiny tots to write all the capital and small letters of English already.In mathematics numbers 1-10 in written and oral 1-20.
    The management of the pre-school are planning on expanding to higher schools and are opting for CBSE syllabus.
    My problem is, i have checked with a few other schools for my daughter’s admission into LKG for both CBSE and ICSE schools. I checked with various schools about their syllabus for LKG. As per them the syllabus for LKG is Capital and small letters in English and in mathematics it is numbers 1-20.
    I did check with the current school where my daughter studies as to why they are pressurizing nursery children with LKG Syllabus. They say they are preparing nursery kids for the next academic year as they are going to introduce cursive writing in LKG level along with 2 and 3 letter words.
    Is there a regulatory or some kind of authority which can restrict these pre schools from over burdening these small kids?It is a pity that these schools are just trying to show their edge over the other schools by burdening these tiny tots…

  82. Firstly i wanna thank happy_ Parents for giving such a usefull info
    and i wanna thank all who had commented and shared there views

    Parents always try to give best to their child in terms of education. There is always confusion for parents to choose better ne.
    you have gaven most useful details about both education patterns to make me easier to select right pattern for my child. -

    thank you all once again
    Anand Seda

  83. Working hard …..matters most, whatever the board is,

  84. Thanks to this site for providing such a clear differnce b/w both the boards. I have one doubt. Will each shooch have different books and publisher followed though borad is same? how do i decided that the school is really following right syllubus. I got this doubt that both state and ICSE looked more or less same when i compared the syllubus.. Please help me

  85. Excellent Writeup with detailed information! Thank you!

  86. thank u for the useful information. choosing a good school and finding it right is the first step of success …. hope all the parents succeed in it.

  87. Which stream is better for a child mild learning disability and have high IQ?

  88. Hi,
    I am clear about CBSE and ICSE now…my son is now 3 years old and we are in pune. We are not going to change the city, so could you guide me about the selection of school ??

    Shyam Patil

  89. This is really fantastic and crystal clear information from happy parenthood thank you very much, seriously now I have no doubt about either to choose CBSE or ICSE which one would do best for my 4 years old son who is currently in LKG. We are residing in south Bangalore and seeking good school with well qualified teachers. Finally I got to visit Narayana e-Techno School and met principal, teachers and class rooms are very neat and well maintained. Eventually on the whole I m much satisfied.

    In UKG they are teaching Capital Alphabets cursive capital and small alphabets and 1 to 100 Numbers Introducing Hindi etc… However starting from 1st till 5th standard they are teaching CBSE syllabus and from 6th (IIT-JEE – Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination, AIEEE – All India Engineering Entrance Examination) with the integration of SSC, CBSE, ICSE in Mathematics Physics and chemistry. Especially they are focusing on Mathematics through FLASH program, on Physic through MILE program and Chemistry through BRAIN program. From 6th class itself they may decide the field of engineer or doctor.

    In advance I appreciate your feedback (about this school) if anyone has visited or parents of the existing students at Narayana e-Techno school.

  90. Hi, Happy new year. we are running cbse school since 12 years and now it is nursery to grade 5th, adding one grade every year. Now planning new school premises with 2 div in each std, an extraordinary day school with all kind of sports, music and dining facility.
    We are thinking of below option and need your advice …

    1st… Mix of cbse and int board
    2nd… Mix of icse and int board
    3rd… Two div of only icse/cbse/int board.

    Your opinion will be very much valuable to us.

    WArm regards,
    param shah

  91. Good infrmation I like u story

  92. Hi,

    This is a wonderful and very useful information, giving clear idea about the different boards. Thanks to HAPPYPARENTHOOD and others who have shared their experience.

    I have a question: Does any of the above boards take care of child’s other activities such as sports? or singing, painting etc? Will you please elaborate in this area?

  93. ICSE is d best

  94. Hello,

    Above information were very much helpful. Can you pls also advice difference between CBSE and CBSE-i. I want to select one of the option for my daughter she will be going to Grade 1.

    Kindly advice and thank you in advance for your reply.


  95. Hi, first thanks for the information.
    I am living in Sharjah, UAE, I heard that if a kid is going to ICSE curriculum school then on later stage if we want to change his/her school or migrating back to India, CBSE board doesn’t provide admissions.

    Is it true? Please help by replying this.

  96. Hi,

    Thanks for such a good information on topic CBSE vs ICSE

    We are here in Doha, Qatar and my sons first one is 13Yrs old and studying in 8th standard and second one is 7Yrs old and studying in 2nd standard now (MES Indian School – CBSC) and doing fine. I am planning to move my family to Tamil Nadu India and would like to put them in ICSE school near our home town (Excel Central School, Thiruvattar, Tamil Nadu)

    Can you please suggest which is an easy board CBSE OR ICSE which will help them in easy transition in school?

    We would like to get study Medicine or Engineering in Good Colleges as merit candidate.

  97. Dear sir
    My daughter is 3 years .We stay in Jamshedpu(Jharkhand). Which school is the best in Jamshedur or which board is excellent ICSE or CBSE.
    Please suggest me.

  98. its better to put your son in CBSE as ur telling he is not much interested in studies .if you put him in ICSE he has to spend more time in studing as it will be difficult to compete as he goes to higher class.

  99. most essential information..

  100. Hi I am sabina and working in Lagos ( south africa ) and my daughter is in S.S.C (state secondary school) in Mumbai ,& in grade VII and now i am planning to bring her lagos there`s a nic cbse school here is my decission correct , i hope she shall not face any problem in the future & in grade – X after 2 years how will she appear for boards exam. PLS advice , is my decision good as my daughter want`s to seek her career in aviation ( pilot )

  101. It is a tough decision initially for parents to choose between these boards. I opted for CBSE board from nursery itself so that the child is moulded from the beginning itself. I thought from my point of view it would be tough but little kids can be moulded like clay and they get used to such tough challenges from beginning itself & later they find everything easy so much that my child has started teaching me & correcting my mistakes. So initial pain parents have to take but later child becomes smart, confident & capable enough to handle it. Yes, CBSE is more focused on Maths & Science but it is for the betterment of the child as they can do tough calculations mentally so I find CBSE better option as I have seen other kids in the family studying in ICSE & SSC board wherein we can easily figure out the vast difference.

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